TOTAL delivers a breakthrough opportunity for service providers to grow revenues with an elegantly consolidated security experience

Helsinki, Finland – June 9, 2022 — / / — Cyber security provider F-Secure has released a new version of the company’s flagship solution TOTAL to provide all-in-one security, privacy and identity protection through one app that works for every family member on every device. Service providers around the globe have begun rolling out the solution built to simplify, consolidate, and expand their security and privacy offerings.

“Parents who want to protect their kids, their devices, and their data typically have to endure 10-20 installations to secure a family. That’s not just a waste of time, it’s a huge barrier to effective protection,” said F-Secure Executive Vice President of Consumer Security Timo Laaksonen. “TOTAL reduces those installations to one third so you spend as little time protecting your devices as possible. That results in a better experience and a more complete sense of security.”

F-Secure Executive Vice President Timo Laaksonen

The previous version of TOTAL combined award-winning internet security from SAFE and privacy from FREEDOME VPN. The new version includes ID PROTECTION, a comprehensive solution that:

  • Protects the identities of every member of the family with F-Secure’s breach detection and underground web monitoring
  • Fights ID theft by making it easy to create strong and unique passwords and synchronize them across every device
  • Connects customers to personal assistance for help resolving even the most complex identity theft incidents

The full solution provides complete security and privacy on all desktops, phones, and tablets, which includes worry-free shopping and banking protection. In addition, parents can enforce digital boundaries anywhere they or their children go by using Family Rules and remote device management through the parent app. Best of all, TOTAL delivers this all-in-one protection to each member of the family through a single app.

A recent F-Secure survey* found that 61% of internet users feel that protecting all of their connected devices feels impossible.

“Our customers can tackle a full range of online threats with this easy-to-use service, which allows them to have peace of mind and spend more time on things that matter to them the most. Simply put, the ability to provide comprehensive online safety that everyone needs in one service helps us serve our customers better,” said Cedric Kamtsan, Vice President, Mobile Business at DNA, a long-term F-Secure service provider partner and the first company to bring this comprehensive one app solution to the Finnish market.

“Our thinking is that more people will protect their devices and data if we make security as easy and pleasant as we possibly can,” said F-Secure’s Laaksonen. “Packing these crucial capabilities into one app ensures people get what they need in a single, hassle-free experience.”

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*Source: F-Secure Consumer Survey Wave 4 (2021), nine countries (USA, UK, Germany, France, Brazil, The Netherlands, Mexico, Sweden, Japan), sample size 800/country, total 7200 respondents.

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