One of most important situations when the backup turns to the bare necessity is a risk of disaster when all data collected by previous work of a computer unit may be somehow lost under major circumstances. Such circumstances may be as bad as total destruction of a system, or as sweet as purchasing of a brand new one computer, but in each situation data must be returned on its place.

To help users restore all system data without a fault, Novosoft, LLC releases the brand new utility of bare-metal data recovery called Handy Backup Disaster Recovery (HBDR). This software edition is packed by the most modern functions and allows user to restore an entire disk image without any extra effort.

ALLIANCE, OH – June 26, 2014 — / — Novosoft, LLC announces release of a new version of utility called Handy Backup Disaster Recovery (HBDR), the capable, versatile tool for autonomous restoring of disk images. The new version gives users a possibility of working with GPT-partitioned disk images. It has also improves performance and stability of data copying, being fail-proof from most external errors and failures.

«We are taught our software how to avoid successfully most unexpected situations generated by malfunctioning hardware or unstable third-party software generating exceptions. For now, our disaster recovery utility is almost utterly fail-proof, and it is too difficult task to re-create situations where it fails. It also supports automatically most types of networks include wireless connections», – said Alexey Dolgushev, Head of Handy Backup Business Development Department.

The new version of software package takes a completely new internal structure, being two times smaller and significantly faster than previous editions. It has also a new set of exception-controlling functions catching almost any unpredicted situation that can occur during the process of hard disk image copying.

This new version also supports disk images based on GUID partition table (GPT) logical standard. This feature allows perfect saving and restoration of disk images of almost any level of complexity.

Another important change is a wide spectrum of network types supported by utility, include wireless network adapters. This feature provides user a momentarily access to all the network functions needed for correct data restoration without an extra effort.

About Novosoft LLC
The Novosoft, LLC is a software company specializing on IT consulting and automation of business processes primarily. The more than twenty years on IT market makes Novosoft, LLC a popular brand among individual and corporate users throughout the world. Skilled Novosoft developers are created some product lines, reasonably priced and strongly supported by Novosoft tech crew.

About Handy Backup Disaster Recovery
Handy Backup Disaster Recovery (HBDR) is the standalone disk image backup and restoration software, capable to restore an image of OS even to bare-metal (having no OS yet) computer. The intuitive graphical interface of HBDR, along with its strong functionality, allows user to create entire images of hard disk and restore it when needed, keeping all the system information on these disks intact and fail-proof in any circumstances.

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