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With any key version of some popular product, a user wants to take not only minor upgrades but as much principal advantages as possible. The new Handy Backup 8 fulfills these wishes, bringing new simplicity, elegance and even more speed than before to this best-selling software solution for data backup and recovery Houston, TX – […]

The updated Novosoft Handy Backup tool contains the brand new OneDrive for Business backup solution plug-in. This new plug-in automates all operations of backup and recovery, providing many different storages to your cloud content or allowing you to backup files to OneDrive account from any other data source that you want to copy into a […]

Alliance, Ohio – October 30, 2017 — / — Novosoft LLC releases the new version 7.9.4 fits free backup software solution called Handy Backup Free for Cloud. This new tool contains renewed, refined plug-ins for accessing the most popular cloud services Dropbox, Google Drive and Yandex.Disk. Some internal algorithms also have many changes, providing even […]

Handy Backup provides the standard WebDAV plug-in as the OwnCloud backup tool, as well as a complete set of backup functions, methods and utilities realizing any particular strategy to effectively backup OwnCloud data. Users can utilize their OwnCloud server backup vaults as data storages with Handy Backup solution, or install Handy Backup directly to OwnCloud […]

The newest feature of Handy Backup, the popular software solution allowing automating backup of all data types, can generate detailed reports about all backup, restoration and synchronizing tasks for a given period and send these reports to an email address, allowing informing a user about all activities and operations of Handy Backup. These reports will […]

To complete all goals of NAS data backup and cloud storage utilization, Handy Backup 7 contains a full set of plug-ins and features for automatic backup to cloud service or to NAS, as well as for using the mentioned storages as data sources for taking “hot” snapshots. As a basic rule, these implementations of Handy […]

The ever-popular software solution for making backups, Handy Backup, is a good example of application of some most popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive to backup automation! The newest version 7.8 of Handy Backup groups all available plug-ins by different backup data types, and the group containing cloud […]

The new Handy Backup OneDrive plug-in allows an access to OneDrive accounts both for copying data from these accounts and for using OneDrive as a backup storage, turning the solution into a fully automatic OneDrive backup software ALLIANCE, OH – August 9, 2016 — / — Novosoft, LLC releases the update of its popular data-safekeeping […]

Instead of obsolete techniques such as implementing external WebDAV bridges or using a local synchronized Dropbox folder for backups, Handy Backup now provides a fast, reliable plug-in for using Dropbox both as a source or as a destination for data backup. This plug-in operates with internal Dropbox storage and connection protocols directly, requiring no external […]

Google Drive is one of most popular, most convenient cloud services today. Millions of people back up to and from Google Drive, using it as a storage for their personal and business data. Therefore, Google Drive backup is a part of a modern data storing strategy, as well as a general security measure. Using the […]

In a continual quest for newest peaks of quality and performance, Novosoft constantly upgrades its top-selling Handy Backup, adding featured algorithms and solutions to provide compatibility with modern IT software features. Virtual machines, clouds, access rights, database engines and other modern data types all have a need for good backup, and Handy Backup can always […]

Novosoft LLC releases Handy Backup 7.7.3, the powerful backup and synchronization solution capable to use native functions of different cloud services and virtual machine arrays for saving and restoring data. These are some extended capabilities such as snapshotting Hyper-V virtual machines; saving disk images in a format allowing mapping these drive copies as virtual Windows […]

Being one of most advanced backup utilities ever created, Handy Backup allows automatic backup and restoration of content for almost every cloud service existing, including such popular resources as Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox. Handy Backup also supports other popular services, e.g. Windows Azure, with an utmost speed and efficiency ALLIANCE, OH – August […]

Commercial servers of any level using Oracle databases in both physical and virtual machine modes are still spreading over the world of small business and enterprise. Backing up data from these servers is a required part of daily maintenance and downtime lowering. To help this activity, Novosoft, LLC releases a new version of highly popular […]

ALLIANCE, Ohio – Jul. 7, 2015 — / — Novosoft, LLC announces the freshly released version 7.6.7 of the company’s top-selling software solution, Handy Backup. The new version expands an automation of different backup processes, from local and remote setup to multi-machine backup of data distributed over the single domain. Since this version, 32- and 64-bit […]

At the doorstep of 2015, Novosoft, LLC releases the fresh version 7.6.2 of its popular data backup software, Handy Backup. In this version, the space of the local drive can both be controlled via the “Computer” option and used more accurately when the compression takes a place, because the temporary folder is no longer need […]

A sign of modern times coming with a new software package is a simplified, cleared interface used by this software and a fast, reliable workflow organizing any common operations. To bring these brave new times to users, Novosoft, LLC releases the new version 7.5 of Handy Backup, top-selling backup software of the company. The interface […]

One of most important situations when the backup turns to the bare necessity is a risk of disaster when all data collected by previous work of a computer unit may be somehow lost under major circumstances. Such circumstances may be as bad as total destruction of a system, or as sweet as purchasing of a […]

Novosoft enriched the functionality of their key software solution Handy Backup with the advanced MySQL backup features ALLIANCE, OH – May 6, 2014 — / — Novosoft LLC, one of the leading providers of data backup software for home and corporate environments, has improved MySQL backup functionality of their key product Handy Backup. The updated […]

Novosoft enriched the functionality of their key software solution Handy Backup with the advanced disk image backup features. ALLIANCE, OH – April 15, 2014 — / — Novosoft LLC, one of the leading providers of data backup software for home and corporate users, has improved functionality of Handy Backup to make disk image backup more […]

Novosoft enriched the functionality of their key software solution Handy Backup with the advanced Windows 8 backup features. Alliance, Ohio, April 8, 2014 — / — Novosoft LLC, one of the leading providers of backup solutions for home and corporate users, announces the release of an update to their flagship product Handy Backup. The version 7.4.8 brings […]

To bring more speed and comfort for the process backing up or restoring data, Novosoft LLC releases a new update of the popular Handy Backup software. Key improvements are advanced multitasking functions, smart file and folder masks and the strong native support of server-oriented Windows editions. Alliance, Ohio – February 26, 2014 — / — […]


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