Google Drive is one of most popular, most convenient cloud services today. Millions of people back up to and from Google Drive, using it as a storage for their personal and business data. Therefore, Google Drive backup is a part of a modern data storing strategy, as well as a general security measure.

Using the standard Handy Backup graphical user interface (GUI) and the new featured Google Drive plug-in, Handy Backup can save any type of information to or from any Google Drive account.

ALLIANCE, OH – May 24, 2016 — / — Novosoft, LLC releases a new version of its popular software solution, Handy Backup. Along with many other improvements such as an implementation of a TLS encrypting services, this new version brings a new Google Drive backup feature, allowing direct and stable access to any account located on a Google cloud. Users can utilize this feature for both backup to Google Drive and saving the content of an account, as well as for restoring data from Google Drive.

“We are recognizing the role of Google Drive in any modern IT infrastructure, including copying and storing files, documents, photos and other data. Therefore, we make a new feature to allow direct Google Drive access for Handy Backup, providing exchanging data between the Gdrive cloud and any other storage accessible for our program. As an example, we can exchange data between Google Drive and some FTP server, or another cloud, such as Amazon S3, or a local drive. Like all other options, the Google Drive plug-in saves data in their native formats, allowing browsing and modifying data just from backups”,tells Anton Chmarak, Head of Handy Backup Development Department.

Handy Backup Google Drive plug-in provides an access to any Google Drive account used by a particular backup or restoring task. Like other online backup features, it requires initial setup for establishing a connection between a task and a Google Drive account, but after that, it works automatically for a long time, unless a user will change the Google Drive account settings such as password. The Google Drive feature requires no external software such as Google Apps synchronizing utility. It also have no use for a local Google Drive folder, saving a lot of space and efforts when backing up data to and from the Google cloud storage.

About Novosoft LLC
The Novosoft LLC is the software company, which exists on the IT market for more than twenty years. The main areas of company’s competency are IT consulting, software developing and business processing integrations. Nowadays, Novosoft focuses mainly on software solutions for enterprise asset management and back up. The competency of Novosoft developers, affordable prices for the product line and all-time technical support available for all users makes solutions from Novosoft highly appreciated among different users and companies from the entire world.

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup is the top-selling software produced by Novosoft LLC. It is designed for automated backup and restoration of any data type existed. It supports all modern versions of Windows including Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2012(R2)/2008(R2), and remote machines running under some popular distributives of Linux. The program can save and restore data of any types including databases, FTP content, websites, user-defined files and folders, as well as entire disk images. The graphical interface (GUI), simple to learn and classical-looking, allows user to control any backup and restoration activities.

Several different editions of Handy Backup are available to suit the needs of personal, business-level and network backup, able to suit the needs of every individual or business-level user.

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