The updated Novosoft Handy Backup tool contains the brand new OneDrive for Business backup solution plug-in. This new plug-in automates all operations of backup and recovery, providing many different storages to your cloud content or allowing you to backup files to OneDrive account from any other data source that you want to copy into a cloud

Alliance, Ohio – May 15, 2018 — / — Novosoft, LLC announces the next update of its best-selling Handy Backup solution. The new version 7.12 brings a plug-in that allows automating OneDrive for business backup and restore operations. This plug-in has a fully compatibility with all Handy Backup functions and tools, providing fast, easy to use and fully secured backing up OneDrive for Business data.

As Anton Chmarak, the Head of Handy Backup Development Team, said: “We are adding a new OneDrive for Business backup solution to handy Backup with many purposes. Firstly, it is just another popular cloud, which many users utilize in their daily works, and these users need some backup tool. The second option is to use OneDrive for Business backup data with different tools built into that cloud, including such viable solution as SharePoint Online. This plug-in, combined with the might of Handy Backup that can schedule data copying and preserve native data formats when backing up OneDrive content, can automate many cloud-related activities such as cloning, updating and publishing business data”.

The version 7.12 of Handy Backup contains the dedicated OneDrive backup and recovery plug-in that allows saving data copies to and from OneDrive for Business cloud accounts. A user can utilize all cloud-related tools, including Office 365+ and SharePoint Online, for processing, publishing and sharing saved data, due to using the native formats for all backup data. An alternative is to secure OneDrive backup content by an internal cryptographic tool and any extra measures, or to store backup data copied from OneDrive for Business accounts on secured vaults, such as other clouds (Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox), a USB drive or a protected FTP server. In addition, these are many advanced cloning, mirroring and synchronizing options powered by Handy Backup that allow not just backup files to OneDrive accounts but make a complex data infrastructure that includes this cloud as a storage site.

About Novosoft
Novosoft, LLC is a software developing company, focused mainly on system integration and business process automation. It brings some well-developed product lines including the NERPA EAM modular enterprise asset management solution and the Handy Backup unified solution for saving and restoring data of all types. Along with boxed products, the Novosoft company provides customized and re-branded solutions to suit all needs of its business partners throughout the entire world.

About Handy Backup
The Handy Backup is an ultimate solution for data backup and recovery. It contains plug-ins for saving and restoring files and folders (with a possibility of “hot” backup and data selection by name via masks), databases (both SQL and non-SQL), private and commercial clouds (including Amazon S3, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox), static and dynamic website content, as well as disk and partition images. The solution works under any modern version of Windows, e.g., Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2016/2012(R2)/2008(R2), as well as under Ubuntu Linux 14.04/16.04.

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