The newest feature of Handy Backup, the popular software solution allowing automating backup of all data types, can generate detailed reports about all backup, restoration and synchronizing tasks for a given period and send these reports to an email address, allowing informing a user about all activities and operations of Handy Backup. These reports will provide all information that a user may need to plan or to control some personalized backup strategy.

ALLIANCE, OH – Oct. 27, 2016 — / — Novosoft, LLC releases the version 7.8.5 of its popular backup and restoring program, Handy Backup. The main feature of this new version is a function of sending detailed reports to some email address provided by a user. Along with the local report window, logging functions and email notification messages that users can set up for each separate task, this new feature completes a toolkit needed for organizing a full-scale control over any backup strategy planned and scheduled for Handy Backup!

As Anton Chmarak, the senior manager of Handy Backup Team, said, «This new feature will add to a power of Handy Backup every time a user, especially in SoHo segment, will plan a long-time strategy for remote backup. Now an administrator of a small business network or a skilled pro who want to set up and forget any regular backup activity can get the actual information about all attempted and completed tasks, to be sure of backups already made and to rethink for any changes if a report message urges for it».

Handy Backup 7.8.5 contains a new feature for sending reports via email. These reports are much like the local reports provided by the appropriate feature via the GUI on Handy Backup Management Panel. The utility forms and send the reports for a chosen period, notifying a remote user by email about all tasks executed during this period. The report contains all crucial details about the task, including data source and destination, backup type and scheduling parameters.

By receiving these reports, a user who controls the backup activity of a home or small business office system can get the information about all tasks executed by Handy Backup, as well as choose to give some changes in the backup process if the report contains the unsatisfying information about attempted tasks. In addition, these reports can serve as backup documentations, allowing navigating through different parts of backup strategy or searching a backup documentary history for a particular task, dataset or backup execution time.

About Novosoft LLC
Novosoft LLC is a software company specializing mainly on business automation and IT consulting processes for small business and enterprise companies throughout the world. It provides many boxed and customizable solutions for automating different business processes, including the ever-popular Handy Backup software solution. All products created by Novosoft LLC have the simple classic-looking interfaces simplifying the learning of these products, as well as reasonable price tags, strong tech support and excellent product quality. Both users and IT experts in the entire world marks some solutions provided by Novosoft LLC on IT market, including Handy Backup, by high appreciation and different prestigious awards.

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup is a program designed for saving and restoring backups of all types of data in fully automated mode, as well as for synchronizing data between different storages. It works under all modern versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2012 (including R2), Server 2008 (again, with R2), and can run some online backup operations under OS Linux. The advanced set of functions provided by Handy Backup allows saving, restoring and synchronizing any types of information on local and remote computers, taking entire disk images, saving a content from all databases existing and making snapshots from virtual machines. Users control the program through a comprehensible graphical interface (GUI).

Different editions of Handy Backup are available for different types of machines and networks, as well as for fulfilling the needs of every user, company or department.

For more information about Handy Backup, please visit the official product website:

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Source: Novosoft


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