Billion-File Storage Volume Includes More Than 27,000 Snapshot Versions of the File System

NATICK, Mass. – September 24, 2014 — / — Nasuni®, a provider of cloud storage for global organizations, today announced that the company has created a single storage volume within theNasuni Service that contains more than 1 billion files, including more than 27,000 snapshot versions of the file system. All of this data can be accessed from any individual Nasuni Filer and, unlike traditional scale-out storage, a clustered file system is not required to provide massive scalability. This unprecedented technical achievement demonstrates the essentially unlimited scalability of the Nasuni Service and its ability to effortlessly accommodate the rapidly growing storage needs of today’s global enterprises.

The Nasuni Service provides globally distributed organizations with a unified storage infrastructure that gives all end-users fast access to files no matter where they are located and provides IT with simple, centralized storage management and automatic data protection. Nasuni’s patented UniFS®Global File System manages, protects and makes data available for collaboration around the world without replicating physical copies and without contention since there is only one master source of the data. Virtualization of the file data drastically reduces the cost and burden of storing and managing file data at the end-user level, and gives IT a fast and easy way to scale enterprise storage to any number of locations across the globe.

“Most traditional NAS implementations will fall on their face long before reaching a billion files and 27,000 snapshots,” said Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “The fact that Nasuni not only does this, but also can do it while providing data anywhere on the globe from a single file system, is pretty much remarkable.”

Nasuni created this 1-billion-file (and growing) storage volume using only four Nasuni Filers – both hardware-based and virtual filers – writing to the volume as rapidly as possible from different physical locations. Because UniFS doesn’t depend on clustering to achieve massive scalability, each individual Nasuni Filer acts independently. It has complete access to all of the files in the storage volume without needing to communicate with the other Filers in the setup. The test ran for 15 months, adding files continuously to the volume.

“Across our customer base, we have well more than 1 billion files under management and several of our customers each have more than 200,000 versions of their entire file system saved in the Nasuni Service,” said Rob Mason, President of Nasuni. “This test demonstrates that, no matter how big our customers’ storage needs get, the Nasuni Service will be able to handle it.”

“With Nasuni, there’s just one copy of the data to manage, no matter how many locations need to access it, and IT never needs to worry about the size of the volume,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “We’re truly turning traditional storage thinking on its head by taking the burden out of the data center and putting it into the cloud, where it is free from the management and capacity constraints that come with traditional storage gear. Enterprise storage has finally entered an era in which data is no longer limited by hardware.”

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Nasuni is an enterprise storage company that provides globally-distributed organizations with a simple, unified cloud storage solution. By combining on-premise hardware with cloud storage, Nasuni delivers a secure, all-in-one data storage service that provides local performance for users, simplified and centralized management for IT, and an easily scalable, complete storage solution for the enterprise.

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