SAN JOSE, CA – October 6, 2014 — / — Addonics Technologies ( today announced the Jupiter series of drive duplicators that, unlike traditional duplicators designed for a fixed number of targets, allow you to connect multiple units together.

For example, if you have three Jasper duplicators with 3/5/10 targets, you can connect all three to turn them into a 1:20 duplicator. Or you can connect the units with three targets and five targets together to form a 1:9 duplicator. You can also mix Jasper 3.5”, 2.5”, mSATA or M2 duplicators in the chain and make copies from one type of media to different types of media. The Jasper duplicator is perfect for cloning hard drives, making backup drives, system upgrades or data distribution or for transferring data among different type of storage media.

The Jasper Duplicator offers high performance 150 MB/sec copy speed depending on the read/write speed of the source and target media. The duplication speed remains the same regardless of the number of drives.

Jasper Duplicators can be set to copy data only for faster copying or the WHOLE DISK copy that makes an exact copy of the source drive by copying sector by sector. The Jasper Duplicator supports hard drives with any file system, including drives with data encryption. There is also a drive sanitization option to erase the data on the drive by DoD 5220.22-M standard, a method to ensure any data stored on old hard drives is completely removed without any trace.

The scalability and the flexibility in using different media as a source and a target allows every Jasper Duplicator to be used in all types of drive duplication. It also ensures the longevity of your investment.

Models start at $1229 for Jasper 5S, a 1:5 standard 3.5” HDD duplicator. For more information visit

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