Enterprise Customers Benefit From All the Features of RackWare Management Module, Including Rapid Data Center Migration and Disaster Recovery

MILPITAS, CA – Mar 31, 2015 — /BackupReview.info/ — RackWare, the software provider that integrates data center and cloud resources into a scalable and intelligently managed computing environment, today announced its participation in the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program. Inclusion in the program allows RackWare to offer RackWare Management Module (RMM) to businesses through the CenturyLink Cloud platform.

RackWare’s new solution enables enterprises to use CenturyLink Cloud as a seamless extension of their internal infrastructure, as well as modern applications, for easy disaster recovery (DR), migrations and hybrid scaling. With the new RackWare technology, enterprises can move a workload from any source to CenturyLink Cloud quickly and with minimal errors and headaches. RMM for CenturyLink Cloud lets users take full advantage of the CenturyLink Cloud API and its standard features, such as Groups, Snapshots, Containers, Subnets and Blueprints.

RMM for CenturyLink Cloud offers hybrid scaling by automatically instantiating applications in CenturyLink Cloud when demand spikes and dropping them back into the internal site as demand recedes. Now, enterprises can move workloads from any source infrastructure, including physical, cloud and virtual, to CenturyLink instances with push-button ease. Businesses can already use RMM technology for hybrid computing on the CenturyLink Cloud platform.

RackWare’s Cloud DR capabilities are available through RMM for CenturyLink Cloud. When a failure occurs, RackWare’s DR protection activates a “hot backup” instance and takes over the failed workload during the outage. At the conclusion of an outage, the DR technology restores the production instance. Customers can protect a wide variety of enterprise workloads, including web servers, application servers, databases and analytics applications from failures that result from DOS attacks, hacking attempts, data center problems, or other unforeseen and rare occurrences.

The CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider Program allows participating technology companies to integrate their solutions with the CenturyLink Cloud platform. These add-on and business-ready solutions are available to CenturyLink’s cloud, hosting and network customers.

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Supporting Quotes
“As RackWare’s new out-of-the-box cloud automation solution joins our growing CenturyLink Cloud ecosystem, customers can expect to migrate their workloads to CenturyLink Cloud at less than one-tenth the cost and time compared to typical manual migrations,” said David Shacochis, Vice President of Cloud Platform at CenturyLink.

“We have had a long and successful partnership with CenturyLink Cloud, so we are pleased to announce the general availability of an integrated solution for the CenturyLink Cloud platform. RackWare Management Module for CenturyLink Cloud will allow more organizations to leverage the CenturyLink Cloud as a seamless extension of their internal infrastructure rapidly and cost-effectively,” said Sash Sunkara, CEO of RackWare.


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