SteelFusion Simplifies Branch Office IT, While SteelHead Mobile Enhances Sales Force Productivity by Optimizing Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 16, 2016 — / — Riverbed Technology, the leader in application performance infrastructure, today announced Roxtec, the Swedish manufacturer of cable and pipe seals, has deployed Riverbed® SteelFusion™ and Riverbed® SteelHead™ to enable IT efficiencies which support its rapid growth of around 15-20% annually. Roxtec streamlined branch infrastructure by using SteelFusion, Riverbed’s industry-leading hyper-converged edge solution, to centralize data in its data center and project virtualized IT services out to its 23 branches around the world. And with SteelHead, Roxtec provides its extensive sales force with rapid access to files and applications for increased productivity.

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Roxtec, headquartered in Sweden with 23 subsidiaries around the world, manufactures cable and pipe sealing solutions for the marine and offshore, telecommunications, energy, construction, and many other industries. With customers in more than 70 global markets, Roxtec has 700 employees and revenues of $220 million. The size and scale of Roxtec’s business meant its IT infrastructure was widely dispersed and fragmented, therefore difficult to manage. While the company had a main data center in Sweden supporting 23 subsidiaries on a global wide area network (WAN), branch office sites were storing and backing up data locally on dedicated servers. Rapid business growth of around 10-15% annually meant more and more infrastructure proliferation, increasing the size of the branch IT footprint and making it increasingly difficult to manage. Managing 23 sites individually was challenging enough, but the duplication of data and cumbersome backup procedures also generated huge amounts of traffic across the WAN. It was clear to the company’s IT team that its legacy infrastructure needed to become more efficient and more productive, in order to support rapid business expansion.

Riverbed’s hyper-converged edge solution, SteelFusion offers a new approach to remote office and branch office (ROBO) IT. It eliminates the data risk and arduous backup and recovery processes of ROBO-based IT by removing physical servers, storage, data and backup from remote locations, consolidating all of these IT operations to central data centers, and delivering well-managed, highly secure, and resilient IT services out to all remote offices. Servers and storage no longer need to be provisioned or maintained in remote offices, and provisioning and recovery of remote sites can now be done instantly from the data center, without losing data. Data is encrypted to ensure security and reduce risks associated with data in remote locations. Meanwhile according to Roxtec, the SteelHead WAN optimization technology embedded into SteelFusion accelerates application and data traffic for branch users, with its patented deduplication technologies reducing Roxtec’s network traffic by up to 30% and MAPI traffic by 65%, which results in a better user experience.

“SteelFusion was a strategic choice for us. The most important thing was the ability to scale, which was only possible with the centralization of applications and data. Riverbed helped us gain that centralized control,” said Johan Jartelius, chief information officer at Roxtec. “We can now manage our IT from one place. If we want to launch a new application, I can do it all from the data center. I can provision an entirely new subsidiary in less than a week by deploying a virtual machine that’s physically stored in our data center in Sweden.”

Roxtec has now deployed SteelFusion across five sites, including in India, Korea, Japan, Russia, and the United States, and has also deployed SteelHead Mobile throughout Europe to ensure the sales force in the field and other mobile and remote workers get better application performance.

“SteelHead Mobile connects the roaming sales team to the branch office, which improves application speeds and maintains productivity,” said Jartelius. “With Riverbed, our global workforce is able to use the applications they need and access the data they want to get the job done.”

Riverbed SteelHead, SteelFusion and the Riverbed Application Performance Platform

The Riverbed Application Performance Platform™ gives CIOs end-to-end visibility, optimization and control across an entire enterprise. A key part of the platform, Riverbed SteelHead is the industry’s #1 optimization solution for accelerated delivery of all applications across the hybrid enterprise. SteelHead provides increased visibility into application performance and end-user experience and the ability to ensure business performance SLAs through an application-aware approach to hybrid networking based on centralized business intent-based policies. Riverbed SteelFusion is the first and only hyper-converged edge solution designed with the unique challenges of remote and branch office (ROBO) IT in mind. SteelFusion removes all physical servers, storage, and valuable data from ROBO locations, while accelerating backup processes and data protection, provisioning of new services and sites, and fast recovery to central data centers in a single solution. SteelFusion extends enterprise-class security, services and resiliency of the central data center, and now the cloud, out to all ROBO locations, regardless of distance, and without compromising performance.

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