SnapReplicate™ helps customers achieve backup and replication for petabytes of data

HOUSTON, TX – September 26, 2016 — / — SoftNAS®, the #1 best-selling NAS in the cloud, today announced it was assigned patent 9,378,262 B2 for synchronization in a storage solution. Synchronization and replication are critical elements for archive, backup, disaster recovery and business continuity as more organizations are moving corporate data out of their on-premises data centers and into the cloud.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an abstract of the patent stating: “A system of replicating data stored on a source node. Replication can be configured between two controllers, the source node on the one hand, and a target node on the other. A synchronization relationship between the source node and the target node is established and maintained. The synchronization relationship can be quickly and easily created for disaster recovery, real-time backup and failover, thereby ensuring that data on the source node is fully-protected at an offsite location or on another server or VM, for example, at another data center, a different building or elsewhere in the cloud. Processes described herein streamline the entire replication setup process, thereby significantly reducing error rates in conventional systems and making the replication process more user-friendly than in conventional systems.”

Rick Braddy filed the patent application on December 5, 2014 (14/562,413).

“One priority for our customers is to achieve business continuity without data loss. With critical information and applications operating in the cloud the need to avoid disruption and downtime can occur instantaneously,” said Rick Braddy, CEO, CTO and Founder of SoftNAS. “With SnapReplicate switching over to a secondary data center, even in the most devastating disasters, is effortless.”

The patent covers SnapReplicate, an integral feature and part of SoftNAS Cloud for automatic configuration of replication and disaster recovery. SnapReplicate offers continuous protection 24 x 7 x 365 to ensure there is always an identical secondary environment with up-to-the-minute data from the primary system. Data on the secondary site is always current, ready to go and available should an outage or disaster occur. In addition to failover and disaster recovery, SnapReplicate also can be used for site-to-site data transfers.

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SoftNAS®, Inc. is the leading provider of software-defined NAS solutions and protects mission-critical data for customers using any combination of public, private and hybrid clouds. SoftNAS gives its customers the enterprise-class data security, protection, and performance required to safely, predictably, and reliably operate IT systems and applications. SoftNAS believes in powerful, hassle-free data management and works with any hardware, any data type, across any geography, and with any IT environment, including the most popular public, private, and hybrid cloud computing platforms: Amazon® AWS™, Microsoft® Azure™, CenturyLink Cloud® and VMware vSphere®.

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