With Up to 400% Read/Write Speed Improvements, SoftNAS Cloud NAS Provides Customers Best Price/Performance For Moving Business Data to the Cloud

HOUSTON, TX – July 19, 2017 — /BackupReview.info/ — SoftNAS®, the #1 best-selling software-defined cloud NAS, today announced the newest release of SoftNAS Cloud® NAS with up to 400 percent faster cloud object storage performance. Now customers can replace expensive, aging hardware-based storage and on-premises NAS, SAN and file servers with limitless, highly durable and highly available cloud object storage.

Common use cases now possible in the cloud with the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) include:

  • Migration of business applications without re-engineering
    • Applications and workloads can continue to use existing data access protocols when moved to the cloud, eliminating the need to modify applications for cloud native storage, reducing costs by up to 10x and saving time.
  • Cloud backup repository with fast retrieval
    • Leverage low-cost, cloud object storage with ObjectBacker™ storage acceleration for cloud backup, including Veeam® backup copies and replicas.
  • Move Disaster Recovery datacenters into the cloud cost effectively
    • Easily and cost-effectively move disaster recovery datacenters to the cloud, instead of existing DR datacenters where data tends to sit idle for months or years, occupying expensive real estate and incurring high costs for hardware, software, power and cooling.
  • Global file server consolidation, replacing traditional on-premises storage hardware
    • Centralize on-premises NAS, SAN or file servers in the public cloud, while simplifying management, increasing flexibility, and reducing costs for file storage.

Customers now can minimize their Total Cost of Ownership by achieving near block storage performance at object storage prices from their chosen cloud platform vendor. Patent-pending ObjFast™ technology delivers the increased performance with SoftNAS Cloud NAS to meet customer demands from cloud object storage, including AWS S3 and Azure Blob storage. ObjFast streamlines parallel I/O paths between the cloud NAS and native cloud object storage delivering maximum throughput.

Customers can optimize price/performance configuration with four new SoftNAS Cloud NAS product editions available on the AWS and Azure Marketplaces. In addition to the current 1TB and 20TB product editions, SoftNAS Cloud NAS scales to one petabyte for on-demand offerings:

  • Developer Edition  Free from SoftNAS up to 250GB in perpetuity on AWS and Azure Marketplaces
  • General Purpose Edition – Balances cost against memory and CPU resources
  • High Performance Edition – Ideal for read-intensive workloads needing additional compute processing power gained through larger numbers of CPU cores and RAM
  • Extreme Performance Edition – Supports demanding workloads requiring thousands of concurrent file system connections and higher speed networking connections

“A significant advantage of SoftNAS Cloud NAS is the high degree of flexibility it enables for all three primary infrastructure elements: compute, capacity and storage types. All three can scale up and down independently of each other,” said Steve Brasen, EMA Research Director. “The number of potential situations where this flexibility can be leveraged for a business advantage is virtually endless and is impossible to deliver with an on-premises infrastructure.”

The newly introduced SoftNAS Cloud NAS on-demand marketplace capacities are expanded from 1TB and 20TB to include 50TB, 100TB, 250TB, 500TB and 1PB. Annual licenses can grow up to 16PB.

The full-featured SoftNAS Cloud NAS product editions offer enterprise-class NAS features: patented SNAP HA® high availability, block replication, deduplication and compression, 360-Degree™ encryption (at-rest and in-transit), storage snapshots, RAM and SSD caching and data synchronization. All Marketplace editions of SoftNAS Cloud NAS of 20TB or greater are bundled with 24x7x365 Gold Support. Prices as low as $.01 per GB-mo (volume annual pricing up to 16PB) and from $0.21 per hour for on-demand marketplace pricing.

“With this release of SoftNAS Cloud NAS, customers can take advantage of the full benefits of enterprise grade file services and ZFS data protection in the cloud, coupled with the durability and low cost of cloud object storage at petabyte scale,” said Rick Braddy, CEO, CTO and Founder of SoftNAS. “Many customers want to replace aging hardware-based NAS, SAN and file servers with cloud storage. Now these customers can get the TCO and performance they need from the cloud, enabling large scale workloads and massive amounts of lazy data to finally be moved to the cloud.”

SoftNAS Cloud NAS protects and connects businesses to their vital and unique data anywhere, at any time, all backed by the SoftNAS No Storage Downtime Guarantee™, a unique service level agreement (SLA) in the market. SoftNAS Cloud NAS now supports over 140 cloud virtual machine instance types and 12 different storage backends across three customer preferred virtual environments: AWS, Azure and VMware vSphere. SoftNAS Cloud NAS provides customers the most flexibility to match any storage price/performance needs using cloud storage – from the fastest SSD to low-cost object storage.

About SoftNAS
SoftNAS®, Inc. is the leading provider of software-defined NAS and file systems, protecting mission-critical and business continuity (secondary/archival) data for its customers. SoftNAS provides the enterprise-class data security, protection, and performance required to safely, predictably, and reliably operate IT systems and applications. SoftNAS believes in powerful, hassle-free data management and works with any hardware, any data type, multiple storage backends, across any geography, and with any IT environment, including the most popular public, private, and hybrid cloud computing platforms, Amazon Web Services™, Microsoft® Azure™ and VMware vSphere®.

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