Company Announces New Networking D200 Edge Routers and Global Availability of Managed Power at DattoCon Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain – October 31, 2018 — / — Datto Inc., the world’s leading provider of IT solutions delivered through managed service providers (MSPs) and IT service providers (ITSPs), today announced enhancements to all product lines. Announced during DattoCon Barcelona, these innovations are set to deliver major efficiency improvements for MSPs and come just four months after Datto released nearly 20 updates and new features at DattoCon Austin in the U.S. These updates exemplify Datto’s commitment to creating solutions built solely for MSPs to efficiently and effectively manage the IT needs of their clients.

The updates include global availability of Datto Networking Managed Power with the MP10 WiFi-connected smart plug, a cloud-managed device that gives MSPs the ability to remotely monitor and manage power for their clients’ devices. New, larger capacity all flash Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) hardware, and a new pricing model for SaaS Protection cloud backup were also announced. Efficiency improvements to Workplace, Endpoint Backup, Autotask PSA and Datto RMM, a remote monitoring and management tool rounded out the announcements.

“Their latest SIRIS platform is nothing short of amazing,” said Mitesh Patel, managing director at Fifosys, a London-based Datto partner. “World-renowned for the service and groundbreaking technology they provide, Datto is a company that stands behind the products they deliver. In fact, our confidence in Datto has led us to assess other product offerings from Datto to better serve our customers.”

Innovations announced at the European partner conference include:

  • Datto’s Unified Continuity product line now includes robust BCDR appliances with up to 48TB of all-flash storage, supporting the most demanding business workloads with local failover virtualization and near instant recovery. Cloud Agent Templates give MSPs the opportunity to efficiently enforce standards and consistency across their fleet. Also introduced is a simpler pricing model for SaaS Protection, the O365 and Google Apps backup solution. Pricing is now available with time-based or infinite cloud retention options.
  • Datto’s Business Management family of products includes Autotask PSA and Datto RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management). Following the Autotask PSA 2018.2 English-version release in September, this version is now available in German and Spanish and features efficiency improvements and a redesigned Client Portal homepage for a better end-user experience. Datto RMM 6.1 features an efficient and more reliable workflow to manage network devices along with upgraded Splashtop remote control capabilities that enable the simultaneous connection of two support technicians during a remote control session.
  • Datto announced two entirely new products to the Datto Networking product line–the D200 and the MP10. The D200 delivers high-performance edge routing and is available with industry-leading LTE options for MSPs to maximize client uptime, even when the primary Internet connection goes down. Datto’s exclusive LTE Management enables an MSP to access and cloud-manage the D200 along with any Datto device over the LTE connection, combined with Datto’s full 4G LTE Internet failover, give MSPs more options to deliver connectivity to their clients. Also announced was the new WiFi-connected MP10, a single-port smart plug, gives MSPs the ability to remotely or automatically power cycle connected devices.
  • Datto’s File Backup and Sync product line includes Endpoint Backup and Workplace. Updates to Endpoint Backup include new Admin roles to delegate accounts to end-clients and Access Links that enable users to securely access their backed up files anywhere, from any device. Workplace updates include numerous integration enhancements for Microsoft Office, including its Outlook plugin and new Smart Badge functionality, which improve visibility of file sync status and version history.
  • Updates to Datto’s product integrations include a new REST API for Datto’s Continuity line, which furthers Datto’s open-ecosystem by providing a standard mechanism for partners to integrate. Datto also announced enhanced web content filtering powered by TitanHQ for Datto Networking Edge Routers, including the DNA and D200.

“This is an exciting time of innovation at Datto, with new products and features across all our product lines focused on saving our partners time and helping them deliver reliable services to their end customers,” said Emily Glass, Chief Product Officer at Datto. “Our new entry-level router, as well as REST API are making our products even more accessible to the market.”

These announcements and more news on the company’s growth were made at DattoCon Barcelona, Datto’s European partner conference with nearly 500 MSP partners in attendance from 20 countries around the globe.

About Datto
At Datto, our mission is to empower the world’s small and medium-sized businesses with the best in enterprise-level technology. We do it by equipping our unique community of Managed Service Provider partners with the right products, tools and knowledge to allow each and every customer to succeed. It’s an approach that’s made us the world’s leading provider of MSP delivered IT solutions. Datto has global headquarters in the U.S. with international offices in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Australia, China, and Singapore.

Notes to the editor:
Product Updates
Unified Continuity product family (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery and SaaS Protection):

  • Direct-to-Cloud (DTC) Beta Expansion: Now available to all Datto partners, this hardware-free, endpoint backup and disaster recovery solution for endpoints has recently updated restore capabilities.
  • SIRIS 3X Enterprise: These newly designed rackmount devices boast the full feature set of the SIRIS platform with the performance of flash for local virtualisation of protected servers.
  • Cloud Agent Templates: Datto partners can now create templates for agent configuration and utilise them when adding agents across devices in their fleet, improving consistency and making configuration easier and more efficient.
  • Time-Based Retention (TBR): SaaS Protection pricing is moving to a per-user, per-month price, starting with the launch of promotional time-based retention discount through Q4 2018.
  • G Suite 2.0: Announced at DattoCon London in October 2017, SaaS Protection G Suite 2.0 featuring Team Drives is now available in the EMEA region, Canada and Australia, with in-region storage.

Business Management tools (Autotask PSA and Datto RMM):

  • Start/End Time-off Requests: Technicians can request time off in Autotask PSA for specific time frames, making it easier and more efficient to delegate work only to staff that is available.
  • Configurable Time Entries for Tickets: The PSA time entry screen will be configurable with additional quick edit fields, helping to shave minutes off of every ticket.
  • Re-designed Client Portal Homepage: PSA clients can access the Client Portal with a new friendly URL, and the redesigned Client Portal homepage provides MSPs with improved visual data and insights.
  • New Contract Visibility Options: MSPs can protect critical information with newly deployed contract visibility levels (no visibility, limited, or full) in Autotask PSA, ensuring staff only sees the minimum level of contract information needed.
  • Faster Network Control: Revamped network control allows Datto RMM users to remote control the web interface of any device, including devices without an Agent installed with a faster connection and a streamlined user experience.
  • Upgraded Splashtop Capabilities: MSPs using Datto RMM can now connect two support sessions to a single endpoint at the same time, and have the ability to paste passwords onto the login screen of Windows devices.

File Backup & Sync (Workplace and Endpoint Backup):

  • Team Admins: This new Endpoint Backup feature enables MSPs to delegate secure access to a client team for a system admin or internal IT team, helping users access their data whenever they need it.
  • Access Links: Team Admins can send their users a link to their backed up files via their Endpoint Backup email address, enabling quick access to their files.
  • Smart Badge for Windows: This new Workplace feature enhances user visibility of document sync and lock status, and allows a document to be refreshed to the latest version if another user makes changes.
  • Enhanced Microsoft Outlook Plugin: Workplace users can more easily collaborate with granular sharing controls to ensure files are sent securely with appropriate access controls.
  • Recursive Undelete: Data loss prevention is improved with this new Workplace feature that allows MSPs and their clients to select a folder location and recover deleted files from a selected point in time, restoring these to the folder and granting access to users.

Datto Networking:

  • Managed Power MP10: The WiFi-enabled MP10 smart plug, purpose-built for the MSP to enable remote power cycling, is managed in the cloud and delivers smart power control, complete with historical power consumption graphs, auto reboot functionality, a lifetime warranty, and more.
  • D200: The D200 expands Datto’s line of edge routing devices and delivers enhanced web content filtering, fully integrated 4G LTE failover and a new LTE Management option, giving the MSP access to manage and configure the D200, or any Datto device hardwire connected to the D200, even when the Internet is down at the client site.

Integration updates include:

  • TitanHQ Integration: This updated integration delivers enhanced web content filtering at the DNS level, and is available in the Datto Networking Appliance and D200 Edge Routers.
  • Datto Continuity REST API: The new Datto REST API delivers seamless and efficient integration with all Datto Continuity products, making it easy for partners and technology vendors to integrate with Datto.

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