New RESTful API Expands Deployment Options for Bocada’s Backup and Storage Monitoring Customers

SEATTLE, WA – October 3, 2023 — / / — Bocada LLC, an award-winning IT automation company, has announced its first-ever REST API for Bocada Enterprise customers.

The new REST API is a stateless private API that will be used by Bocada customers to bring Bocada data and reporting into their own BI tools, data environments, and workflows. For example, a customer wanting to bring Bocada’s backup reporting data into ServiceNow will be able to do so using Bocada’s REST API.

The REST API extends Bocada’s ability to deliver data to third-party platforms beyond Bocada’s open SQL database; report templates for BI tools such as Splunk, Power BI, and Tableau; and other existing methods to consume Bocada data.

Initial API functionality will include the ability to run any saved Bocada report and retrieve report data. Future releases will add functionality to aid with security requirements such as automated password rotation. With authentication built on OAuth 2.0, the new REST API will afford Bocada customers enhanced flexibility and security when integrating with Bocada.

“As the category leader for enterprise-scale monitoring, Bocada continues to meet our enterprise customers’ needs as they evolve,” explains Matt Hall, CEO of Bocada. “Many of our customers are seeking to consolidate Bocada reporting and data collections into their existing tech stacks, and our REST API will give them the flexibility and ease-of-use to make that happen.”

The new REST API will deploy with Bocada’s next monthly release. To learn more or to review the API documentation, email us at or call +1-425-898-2400.

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