Backup And Migrate Core Committers Join Pantheon Team To Accelerate Additional Development Of Core Features Of One Of The Drupal Community’s Most Popular Modules

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 11, 2015 — / — DRUPALCON 2015 – Pantheon, the largest website management platform for Drupal and WordPress sites, announced today the acquisition of NodeSquirrel, a backup hosting provider and the creator of open source technology, Backup and Migrate. Today, Backup and Migrate is used by more than 300,000 websites and organizations to enable scheduled backups of their entire website. Now, every website that uses Backup and Migrate can store their backups in the cloud for free. In addition, several core contributors to Backup & Migrate will join the Pantheon team.

“We have always had a big vision for what could be possible with NodeSquirrel. With Pantheon’s support, those dreams are going to become reality. Our shared vision of great, easy-to-use tools for developers and agencies makes this an incredible opportunity. We are excited to join the Pantheon team,” said Drew Gorton Co-Founder of NodeSquirrel.

With this acquisition the majority of NodeSquirrel customers will be able to backup their site for free. Paying customers, with multiple sites or large storage requirements, will receive significant increases in all of their tiers. Pantheon will increase its engineering investment in the critical open source technology to tackle the most difficult backup challenges including handling larger file footprints and incremental backups. Backup and Migrate will continue to support a variety of backup destinations, including FTP, S3 and others in addition to NodeSquirrel service.

“I’ve been using NodeSquirrel since it was first released. Having the same service through Pantheon will just make it even stronger. My two favorite Drupal services together! There’s chocolate in my peanut butter!” explained Greg Knaddison Director of Engineering at and Former Drupal Security Team Lead.

“Pantheon is a great supporter of the open source and Drupal communities and I am delighted to join the team. Now Backup and Migrate will have the backing it needs to be well maintained through Drupal 8 and beyond,” Ronan Dowling, Co-Founder of NodeSquirrel commented.

Current Pantheon customers already receive redundant, secure, offsite backups as part of their plan. With these new additions to the team, Pantheon will accelerate innovation in the backup and recovery space for both the Drupal community and Pantheon customers.

“It’s 2015 and people are still storing backups of their website locally. If anything happens, whether that is a security attack or a natural disaster, those websites are not protected. Secure, reliable offsite backups are a fundamental best practice. Acquiring NodeSquirrel gives Pantheon the ability to make secure offsite backups freely available to every Drupal website on the planet,” said Zack Rosen, Pantheon Co-Founder and CEO.

About NodeSquirrel
NodeSquirrel is a project of Gorton Studios in Twin Cities, Minnesota and a leading provider of cloud backups for Drupal. Founded in 2012 by the creators and maintainers of the popular Backup and Migrate Drupal module, NodeSquirrel delivers the easiest and safest way to backup your websites in the cloud. Backup and Migrate is used by more than 300,000 websites around the world today. For more information visit:

About Pantheon
Founded in 2010, Pantheon is the world’s largest Drupal and WordPress website management platform, running more than 100,000 sites in the cloud. Pantheon’s multitenant, container-based platform enables developers, creative agencies and companies to manage all of their websites from a single dashboard. Pantheon delivers the fastest, most secure platform for developing, testing, and launching all your websites. Customers including Arizona State University, Cisco, Intel and United Nations trust the Pantheon platform. For more information about Pantheon, visit:

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