By Rob Morrison, Director of Marketing at Bacula Systems
July 01, 2016

Cloud Backup Expert Tips: High-Profile Enterprises Shift To Bacula Systems’ Backup Software

The current market trend in IT infrastructure is to find high value solutions that bring about efficiency and reliability. Competition is fierce and as a result — and regardless of the exact nature of their business — both small and large data centers alike are constantly looking at their infrastructure for opportunities to keep cost down. This clear industry trend plays well with Bacula Systems, where its entire portfolio is built around scalability, efficiency, flexibility and low cost.

Take, for example, an MSP or any kind of hosting provider: dealing with large amounts of data is practically inevitable. The problem they usually face, however, is that backup software vendors often try to charge outrageous, data volume-based fees that effectively ‘tax’ a data center excessively. Who wants that kind of constraint on their business?

Bacula Systems answers this need with a software solution that delivers enterprise class stability, providing cost effective, modern, highly scalable backup and restore to the enterprise. It also boasts an astoundingly broad feature-set. So, how does it achieve all that?

Customer Base
Bacula Enterprise is a reliable, scalable and modern platform that is being used by some of the world’s most successful enterprises, such as NASA, Tricore Solutions, Sky, Texas A&M University and many others. Thousands of organizations worldwide have adopted Bacula Enterprise in mission-critical environments due to its modular, multi-threaded, modern architecture, and its scalability.

No Hidden Fees
Bacula System’s open source roots means that its payment structure is easy and simple, with no license fee, no socket charges, no vendor lock-in, no per-CPU charge, and no data volume charges, so users can back up as much as they like. Its subscription-based model includes free patches, updates, and upgrades, all complimented by superb technical support. This all means there are no latent cost surprises down the road, and a data center can plan its finances knowing what its future costs will be, regardless of how much data it has.

Designed from the Ground Up
Bacula is designed from the ground up with high security, flexibility, and scalability in mind. It uses SQL database, supports relational database catalogs, has heterogeneous client support, including OS X, Linux and Windows; and backs up to disk, virtual tape, tape, robotic libraries and Cloud, too. It provides multi-user access and is has advanced levels of security built into each layer.

Highest Quality Support
Bacula Systems offers highest quality subscription-based support services that guarantee highest levels of customer satisfaction and fast resolution of issues.  Support services enable your IT department to successfully deploy and run Bacula Enterprise in mission-critical environments. With a 97 percent customer retention rate, Bacula Enterprises’ subscription comes with:

  • Unlimited number of tickets;
  • Product advice and guidance;
  • Multi-platform binary repository;
  • Extensive, helpful documentation;
  • Best practices and knowledge base;
  • Industry-standard SLAs up to 24/7;
  • Patches and updates with fast turn-around time;
  • Issue resolution by highly trained support professionals.

Broad Feature-Set
All of Bacula Enterprises’ features are in a single platform, covering both physical and virtual environments. It is packed with features, of which just some are:

  • Integrated Snapshots;
  • Client Initiated Backup;
  • Single mailbox restores;
  • Centralized data control;
  • Simple offsite replication;
  • Single file recovery for VMware;
  • Both command-line and GUI interfaces;
  • Native compatibility with all major databases;
  • Quickly scalable from a few to thousands of servers;
  • VM Performance Backup Suite for multiple hypervisors;
  • Bare Metal Recovery for both Linux and Windows platforms;
  • Advanced deduplication on both the client and storage sides;
  • NDMP and much more.

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About the Author:
Rob Morrison is the Director of Marketing at Bacula Systems, a leading Enterprise Open Core network backup and restore software company, combining Bacula’s enterprise-class open standards software with first-class support and professional services. Bacula Enterprise Edition is used by many companies worldwide, including NASA, Tricore Solutions, Sky, Texas A&M University and many more. Visit Bacula System’ website at:




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