Email messages and attachments from Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, iCloud Mail, Yahoo! Mail and IMAP servers can now be collected, organized, searched and secured in FileShadow’s cloud file archiving service starting at $15 per month

PROVO, Utah – November 18, 2021 — / — FileShadow now archives email and attachments from multiple email accounts into its cloud file vault. In addition to connecting Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, local hard drives, and more, FileShadow collects email messages and attachments from Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, iCloud Mail, Yahoo! Mail, and generic IMAP servers into its cloud file archive. Those messages and attachments can be organized, searched and published, along with other files from other disparate storage locations.

“We now collect your content from all places where it’s stored, helping you search and share your files, regardless of their source,” said Tyrone Pike, president and CEO of FileShadow. “Using our machine learning process, we give you a faster, more powerful search, finding messages, files, PDFs and photo attachments typically not supported by most email clients. FileShadow is the complete solution for collecting your content together in one, searchable place.”

Once in the FileShadow vault, a machine learning process analyzes the content to create metadata tags. For example, FileShadow will automatically identify a restaurant name from a receipt that was scanned and emailed or determine the contents of a family reunion photo attached in an email from a cousin. Users can also apply custom tags to their information, helping them create collections quickly and easily without endless hours of searching and viewing documents.

To add a supported email service, users simply go into the sources list, click on the email service, enter their credentials and select save; email messages and attachments from all available emails—sent and received—are archived automatically.

FileShadow allows users to publish collections of files from their FileShadow Vault by generating shareable links to a private web page. The FileShadow Publish feature is a simple and secure way for small businesses and families to organize, store and share important documents with others.

Plans for email archiving start at just $15 per month and include secure, encrypted cloud storage for messages, files and attachments. For a free 30-day trial of FileShadow, visit

About FileShadow
FileShadow provides a single, secure vault from which to search and access files from email and any other linked source. The service links and aggregates cloud storage accounts such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe’s Lightroom solutions, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive and Slack; local storage (macOS, Windows Desktops, Windows Virtual Desktops); and network and direct-attached storage (NAS/DAS) devices.

Using machine learning, FileShadow provides superior indexing and searching capabilities. With FileShadow, users can quickly find any file with advanced search features such as file content, OCR of PDFs, and GPS location and image searches. FileShadow is hosted on Google Cloud with storage provided by Wasabi’s Hot Cloud Storage, providing “11 nines” of durability for optimal file protection.

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