New program offers features including Custom Domains and Partner API to enable businesses to seamlessly provide cloud storage for their customers

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Feb. 06, 2024 — / / — Backblaze, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLZE), the leading specialized storage cloud, today announced the launch of Powered by Backblaze. This program helps independent software vendors (ISV), technology partners, and other companies take the complexity out of offering object storage within their branded user experience so that they can focus on enabling customer success and growing revenue.

“Backblaze has built the leading specialized storage cloud,” said Gleb Budman, CEO at Backblaze. “Powered by Backblaze offers companies the ability to deliver the value of our cloud to their customers without the complexity of building their own high performance infrastructure. We are happy to take care of that part so that businesses can easily expand their platforms with affordable, reliable data storage.”

Powered by Backblaze offers companies the ability to incorporate B2 Cloud Storage into their products seamlessly, empowering them to sell more services or enhance their user experience with no capital investment. Today, this program offers two features that support the provisioning of B2 Cloud Storage: Custom Domains and the Backblaze Partner API.

Custom Domains, launched today, lets businesses serve content to end users from the web domain or URL of their choosing, with no need for complex code and with Backblaze managing the heavy lifting of cloud storage on the back end.

“We’ve chosen Backblaze so we can have a reliable partner behind our new Edge Storage solution.” says Rafael Umann, CEO of Azion, a full stack platform for developers. “With their Custom Domain feature, we can implement the security needed to serve data from Backblaze to end users from Azion’s Edge Platform, improving user experience.”

The Backblaze Partner API enables organizations to provision Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage storage accounts from within their own platform. The API also allows these companies the ability to manage accounts, run reports, and create a bundled solution or managed service for a unified user experience.

“Our customers produce thousands of hours of content daily and they need a place to store both their original and transcoded files,” says Murad Mordukhay, CEO at Qencode, a cloud video solutions provider. “The Backblaze Partner API allows us to expand our cloud services and eliminate complexity for our customers—giving them time to focus on their business needs, while we focus on innovations that drive more value.”

Both features are available for use today. Backblaze published an in-depth exploration of the features and their benefits on its blog —

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