RAMSEY, NJ – April 30, 2019 — /BackupReview.info/ — Private cloud solutions are becoming more popular than ever before, particularly among small and mid-sized businesses, according to Cloud Computing providers at Comport. As more and more brands come to rely on computers and data for everything from CRM and customer management to proprietary brand information and production workflow, the need to have a secure, stable infrastructure is more important than ever before. Opting for a cloud-based solution provides SMBs with a variety of benefits they just can’t access anywhere else.

Unsurpassed Flexibility. When an organization opts for private cloud solutions, they can enhance both collaboration and efficiency, making it easy for employees to serve customers and find the most up to date information needed to complete tasks. Productivity naturally goes up, as communication and data sharing is faster. Cloud computing can also be adapted to meet the needs of a particular workflow, task or team, making it easier for your employees to get things done.

Customizable Plans. Small businesses can grow rapidly, and most are faced with one of two options – by far, often a more robust solution than they need (wasting money) or struggle with repeatedly upgrading to catch up (wasting both money and time). Cloud computing is scalable, so the company can access the resources needed without committing to more than is needed at the time. Customizable, easy to scale and designed to grow as a business does, cloud computing solutions are a step ahead of the “one size fits all” plans of the past.

Ensures Business Continuity. For most business owners, the idea of being unable to access files or serve customers for even a few hours is a nightmare. The growing threat of ransomware, cybercrime and even natural disasters means that downtime could stretch from hours to days or even weeks. With an enterprise data recovery solution, an organization’s documents, data and files are stored in the cloud; even if the physical location is damaged, the data can be accessed in minutes from any device. Colocation of private clouds is simply a smart move.

Private and Secure. If you are relying on a shared network to keep your files safe – or worse, putting them on some kind of removable storage or flash drives as backup, you risk losing everything if the physical item is lost. A cloud network provides private, secure storage that won’t go anywhere, get damaged or become lost. Enhanced security measures ensure others can’t get at your data or files, further increasing your peace of mind.

Any business that needs an efficient, reliable and secure solution for data should consider private cloud storage. From the enhanced collaborative abilities and easy scaling to the protection from disruption and downtime, cloud storage can have a huge impact on a brand’s success and everyday operations.

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