Michael George to outline three major shifts: domination by large providers, proximity to cyber-attacks and security as a disruptive force

BOSTON, Mass. – September 25, 2018  — /BackupReview.info/ — Michael George, CEO of Continuum, the exclusive provider of the only service-enabled technology platform that enables MSPs to scale rapidly and profitably, will today deliver his vision for the managed service industry at Navigate 2018, the company’s annual user conference. George will take to the stage in front of over 700 attendees at Boston’s Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center to highlight the three biggest shifts taking place in the industry, and to unveil the Continuum Security Go-To-Market Business Plan to support MSPs success amid the phase change.

During his keynote, George will predict a domination by the top 5 percent of providers, increasing proximity to cyber-attacks, and security as the disruptor that cloud never turned out to be.

The MSP market is about to be dominated by the top 20%.
George will explain how a combination of market forces has created the perfect storm to allow just 20 percent of 40,000 MSPs in the United States to dominate 80 percent of the available revenue by 2020: a reduction in the workforce of up to 40 percent, mass market consolidation through merger and acquisition, and the dominance of large-scale MSPs in 107 metropolitan areas (MRAs) across five verticals.

Every business will be no more than two degrees of separation from a major cyber-attack
“At the beginning of the year, we predicted that security would be the number one reason why end-customers fire their providers,” George said. “Today, that likelihood has only increased, because SMBs are no more than two degrees of separation from a business that has been hit by a cyber-attack. The threat has moved from our news headlines into our business circles, and every businessowner is fearing annihilation.”

“The one question on their minds now is how do I make sure this doesn’t happen to my business? That’s the question our partners need to be ready to answer confidently, or their competitors will,” added George.

Security is the disruptive force that cloud never was
In the early 2000s, MSPs braced for major disruption when cloud emerged as a groundbreaking technology. Instead, cloud storage and computing blended into the market, leveraged for solutions that supported, rather than disrupted, those businesses. Security, as George will explain, will not be as kind.

“This industry got lucky with cloud because it made it easier to run our businesses,” George said. “That meant MSPs were motivated to adopt new technologies and take advantage of the new efficiencies they offered. We will not be so lucky with security: it is going to be harder to protect clients from the escalating threat, harder to discuss what they’re secured against, and harder to keep up with the array of enterprise-grade solutions being developed to combat cybercrime.”

Guiding MSPs through the challenges ahead
To provide MSPs with the guidance and support they need to navigate the industry shifts that await them, George will unveil the Continuum Security Go-To-Market Business Plan. The plan is a comprehensive program that gives providers proven advice, go-to-market plans, access to marketing and sales assets and other content, enabling MSP leaders to tackle the challenges ahead powered by Continuum’s industry knowledge.

“If MSPs are to survive the disruption that security will bring to the industry, they need to be ready for the hard work ahead,” Michael George said. “And, they need more than an industry-leading solution to succeed during this market shift. That’s why we created the Continuum Security Go-To-Market Business Plan, knowing that MSPs need the right combination of technology and knowledge to win in this marketplace. It’s crucial that our partners are equipped for the changes ahead, whether that means enhancing their business structure, becoming better at sales, or preparing for an eventual exit.”

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