Latest version simplifies data restore process, adds additional features

San Mateo, CA – September 13, 2023 — / / — Backblaze, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLZE), the leading specialized cloud storage platform, today announced the early access launch of Computer Backup v9.0.

Version 9.0 includes one of the most requested computer backup features: a dedicated restore app for macOS and Windows clients that makes the process of restoring data more intuitive and streamlined. The new version also includes essential bug fixes and performance improvements to keep the backup experience ahead of the curve for both security and speed.

“We built Computer Backup v9.0 to continue providing our customers with an unparalleled backup and restore solution” said Gleb Budman, Backblaze CEO and Chairperson of the Board. “Our goal is to simplify the backup process with every new version because data recovery should be easy.”

The Backblaze Restore App provides the following key benefits:

  • Simplified Restore Initiation Process. With the restore app users authenticate their Backblaze account and initiate the restore directly from their desktop. Once authenticated, users can browse their file tree and initiate the restore process immediately.
  • No Limits for Restore Size. There are no limits to restore sizes inside of the restore app. This eliminates the need for downloading a .zip and needing enough additional disk space to unzip it as well.

With over 500,000 customers and three billion gigabytes of data storage under management, the company has built significant data backup experience and expertise with more than 15 years in business. Backblaze Computer Backup v9.0 Is now available in early access and will be available for general access in late September.

To learn more about Computer Backup v9.0, please visit the blog.

Press Contact
Jeanette Foster
Communications Manager

Source: Backblaze, Inc.