Younited Events is a brand new way to enjoy all your friends’ photos and videos from life’s events in real time, privately or publicly – all in one place.

HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 9, 2014 — / — Hundreds of millions of photos are shared online per day, and the best method of grouping them has been the hashtag – until now. Younited by F-Secure is announcing a brand new way for people to collectively share photos and videos of life’s events, big and small, public and private, in real time, all in one place.

Picture this: you’re at a family wedding. Photos are being snapped all around. You missed a classic shot of the bride’s puppy sticking its nose in the cake. You hope someone uploads it to Facebook so you can snag a copy. But wouldn’t it be cool if somehow, everyone’s photos of the event could be shared in one place, so you could have all the different perspectives captured on that day?

Now there is a way, and it’s called Events. Events is a new, free app from younited that lets people share their photos and videos from live events – birthdays, concerts, weddings, anything – in one place. With younited Events anyone can create either a private or public space for sharing captured memories. Attendees can easily join the space, and the photos and videos they take at the event are automatically uploaded to the space. With Events, you never have to miss out on someone else’s amazing shot.

“The hashtag is great, we love it,” says Jyrki Tulokas, Director, Product Management at F-Secure. “But it’s a photo-by-photo basis. With Events, all the photos you take at an event are simply shared with everyone else. It’s immediate. You take a photo, it’s there. So you can share with people who have to miss the event, and they can feel like they’re there, seeing the photos appear as they’re taken.”

Tulokas points out that Events simplifies what people are already doing: sharing, sharing, sharing. No more waiting until you go home to upload your slew of photos to Facebook. No more waiting for a friend to share their Dropbox folder with you. No more photos of one event scattered in various places.

Big public event? Now crowdsource the memories
The power of Events also goes well beyond family get-togethers or celebrations. Large concerts, sporting events and festivals are perfect venues for fans to crowdsource and share the event publicly, so everyone can enjoy all the best shots, whether they are there or not.

Events has raised the interest of well-known event organizers and media companies who are planning partnerships with F-Secure. “Younited Events enables brands, artists and sport clubs to engage with their fans in a whole new way,” says Tulokas. “It offers a new dimension of excitement for any entertainment venue.”

Events is great for sports teams, who can shoot as many photos and videos as they like and instantly share with everyone what happened in a game. Events could be a photojournalism tool for people capturing and sharing images of political rallies, disasters, or other major news happenings.

With Events, users will also enjoy the best in robust security and privacy protection from the creators and hosts of younited: F-Secure in Finland.

Younited Events is free for all users. It is available for iOS, Android and WP8 as a downloadable app, and for desktops and laptops at

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