Cloud data backup leader joins Cloudera partner program and announces solutions with modern object storage solutions to provide next-generation backup and recovery solutions

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 19, 2017 — / — Datos IO, the application-centric cloud data management company, today announced partnerships with Cloudera, a leader in big data analytics, and Cloudian and Igneous Systems, leaders in innovative modern object storage solutions that further its commitment to providing next-generation cloud backup and recovery solutions for the modern IT application stack.

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The combined force of social, mobile, analytics, and Internet of Things has created an explosion of unstructured data that is powering a new class of hyper-scale, big data applications including predictive analytics, fraud monitoring, customer insights, machine learning for real-time processing, log analysis, real-time analytics, and clickstream analysis. The massive scale and distributed nature of these applications requires a new application-centric approach to addressing data management use cases such as backup and recovery, long term retention, cloud archival, and more to ensure recoverability at petabyte scale.

Datos IO RecoverX: Next-Generation Backup and Recovery for Modern Applications
Datos IO understands that multi-cloud is the new normal and data management use cases need to be fundamentally reinvented at the “control plane” level for modern applications and modern data sources such as distributed databases, big data filesystems and cloud infrastructure services. The result is Datos IO’s revolutionary flagship product RecoverX that is founded upon CODRTM, the company’s next-generation scale-out distributed architecture rooted in elastic compute services, a distributed metadata catalog, industry-first semantic deduplication for backup storage efficiency, and granular backup and orchestrated recovery capabilities. Datos IO RecoverX v2.0 provides elastic backup and fast recovery at file-level granularity, unparalleled storage efficiency, and no media servers for data movement – all developed for petabyte scale environments.

“As Datos IO’s customers expand their deployment of mission-critical big data applications, it is imperative that we continue to expand our ecosystem of supported platforms both for enterprise wide data sources and modern hybrid cloud storage targets,” said Peter Smails, vice president, marketing and business development at Datos IO. “Datos IO RecoverX empowers IT teams with enterprise grade, next-generation backup and recovery to scale their mode two applications and big data deployments with complete confidence in the recoverability of their data.”

Datos IO + Cloudera
As a member of the Cloudera Connect Partner Program, Datos IO has access to a broad range of resources and support from Cloudera to ensure Cloudera’s enterprise customers can leverage Datos IO’s RecoverX solution for backup and recovery. Logical errors are common and any data corruption at large scale is irrecoverable without enterprise grade point-in-time backup and recovery. Datos IO RecoverX now provides such a solution for enterprise customers, with unique features including data locality awareness to load balance massive scale backups across Data Nodes, and file-level deduplication across the cluster to provide storage efficiency at petabyte scale.

Datos IO + Cloudian
Datos IO and Cloudian, a leader in enterprise object storage systems, have joined forces to provide enterprise customers with a cost-effective, scalable and AWS S3-compliant backup solution for modern applications protected by RecoverX. Cloudian Hyperstore enables enterprises to deploy scale-out secondary storage, leverage erasure coding for reliability and multi-site replication to attain high data durability at an economical cost structure.

“Datos IO is the perfect complement to Cloudian Hyperstore,” said Sanjay Jagad, senior director of products and solutions at Cloudian. “The combination of their application-centric approach to cloud data backup and Hyperstore’s unbeatable TCO for petabyte scale storage represents an ideal solution for any customer deploying big data applications and mode two applications on-premises.”

Datos IO + Igneous Systems
Datos IO and Igneous Systems, designers of the industry’s first secondary storage for effortlessly handling massive file systems, are partnering to protect next-generation applications at scale. Igneous Hybrid Storage Cloud supports the S3 API – an emerging de facto standard for cloud-based object storage, designed for usage by enterprise application developers managing large data sets along with a rich ecosystem of third-party applications, which are now protected by Datos IO RecoverX.

“Today’s next-generation applications typically span across both on premises and cloud infrastructure and require scale-out object storage at massive, petabyte scale for all backup data sets,” said Steve Pao, CMO, Igneous Systems. “We are excited to partner with Datos IO because we share a common vision to deliver modern backup software and storage for these fast growing datasets, leveraging on premises and cloud resources as dictated by customers’ application requirements.”

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Datos IO is the application-centric data management company for the multi-cloud world. Datos IO delivers a radically novel approach to data management, helping organizations embrace the cloud with confidence by delivering solutions that protect, mobilize, and monetize their data — at scale. Unlike traditional data protection solutions that protect applications either at a VM-level or at a storage LUN-level, Datos IO has reinvented data protection by eliminating any dependencies on infrastructure constructs — thus enabling a true application-centric data management approach. Fortune 500 companies use Datos IO RecoverX to protect, manage and recover data at scale and Datos IO has been recognized by Gartner’s Hype Cycle of Storage Technologies in 2016 and 2017. Backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, True Ventures, Network Appliance (NetApp), and Cisco Investments, Datos IO is headquartered in San Jose, California. To learn more, please visit and follow us on Twitter at @datos_io.

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