SoftNAS lowers costs of multi-tenant storage for service providers

HOUSTON, TX – August 27, 2015 — / — SoftNAS, the #1 best-selling software-based NAS in the cloud, today announced availability of SoftNAS for Service Providers, a multi-tenant NAS for service providers. SoftNAS for Service Providers delivers full NAS functionality, security and performance while enabling the use of inexpensive iSCSI and object storage to lower overall storage costs. Through consumption-based, metered licensing service providers pay only for storage used.

According to an Enterprise Strategy Group report authored by Scott Sinclair, enterprises are concerned over data growth and those concerns increase exponentially with the amount of capacity they have to manage[1]. Service providers partner with SoftNAS to create predictable solutions for their enterprise customers.

SoftNAS for Service Providers is software-based and IT infrastructure independent, making it an ideal solution for service providers responsible for customer data. Service providers can leverage investments in block and object storage by using SoftNAS for Service Providers to provide file services for use cases including backup and archival storage, off-site replication, cross datacenter replication, business continuity and disaster recovery, office productivity, collaboration file sharing, and media hosting and distribution.

“Object and block storage are quickly evolving to become the de facto storage technologies because they lower storage costs for growing data volumes. With SoftNAS for Service Providers, organizations get file services and lower overall storage costs, which improves service provider margins,” commented Rick Braddy, CEO and CTO of SoftNAS. “We create opportunities for the service provider community to expand their services and support more end customers’ high-performance storage.”

SoftNAS delivers the full set of traditional NAS features, including compression and de-duplication, storage snapshots and writable clones, and thin-provisioning, enabling service providers to optimize their infrastructure for customers who share pools of common storage. By enabling these features on less expensive block or object storage, service providers get the best of both worlds.

Service providers can deploy the product as a dedicated virtual NAS appliance for specific customers or as a multi-tenant appliance shared across many customers. SoftNAS delivers Files-as-a-Service atop deep commodity storage whereby customers are charged only for actual storage capacity used. Because it is hardware independent, SoftNAS can run in any virtualized datacenter and on commodity hardware to reduce capital expenditures on proprietary storage hardware. SoftNAS is platform neutral and works with any S3-compatible object storage provider, iSCSI SAN and direct-attached SSD, SAS, SATA spinning disks.

Compared to legacy storage options, SoftNAS is quick to deploy for rapid time to value. SoftNAS for Service Providers leverages low-cost commodity SSD and RAM caching to deliver maximum IOPS and throughput. SoftNAS for Service Providers supports popular object storage providers such as NetApp, Hitachi, Cloudian and white box storage. Because it works in any virtualized IT environment, SoftNAS for Service Providers helps control costs and maximize the value delivered to its customers.

Pricing begins at $.06 per GB-month, with significant volume discounts for service providers.

About SoftNAS
SoftNAS™, LLC, is the leading provider of software-based, architecture independent NAS products and protects data for its customers. SoftNAS gives its customers the power of data security, portability and access, providing enterprise-class NAS storage and file gateway capabilities required to safely, predictably, and reliably operate IT systems and applications. SoftNAS believes in powerful, hassle-free storage and supports the most popular virtualized computing platforms, including Amazon® AWS™, Microsoft® Azure™, CenturyLink Cloud®, VMware® vSphere™ and vCloud Air™.

[1] – Enterprise Strategy Group, Object Storage Report, Scott Sinclair, June 2015.

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